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Halle Weenie is Amiee Entwistle's debut. What began as a family tradition turned into a new and exciting fairy tale for many of her friends and family.   She hopes to introduce Halle Weenie to many children this Halloween and bring magic and good health to all. 


Amiee graduated from University of Michigan Radiation Therapy School.  She works in a Radiation Oncology Center as a dosimetrist.  A dosimetrist calculates radiation for cancer patients that are under treatment.  She never dreamed that someday she would also be an author.

Amiee and her husband Eliot enjoy teaching their son Eliot Jr. about healthy eating.  The tradition of Halle Weenie began once they realized how much candy is given to a child throughout one year.  With only having the one child and so much candy Amiee decided to introduce Halle Weenie to her son Eliot.  She explained to Eliot she had heard of a witch that wanted to be like other witches with brown, black and green teeth.  Because her teeth were sparkling white, Halle needed extra sugar to make her as scary as the other witches.

The day after Halloween Amiee and her son divided his candy into piles.  One pile was for Eliot to keep and the second pile for Halle Weenie was put into a special bucket.  Once everyone was sleeping, Halle took her nightly broom ride.  She snuck the candy from the bucket and left a gift that was quite handy.  Eliot was super excited to share his sweets with Halle and receive a special gift in return. 

Eliot looks forward to Halle's visit throughout the year!  He even asks if she can come after Easter and other holidays that provide an over abundance of candy.  So far there have not been any Halle sightings on the off season but you never know...she could always use more candy!

Copyright 2013. Halle Weenie. All rights reserved.

Halle Weenie


Featured Author: Amiee Entwistle