Halle Weenie

Halle Weenie is Amiee Entwistle's debut. What began as a family tradition turned into a new and exciting fairy tale for many of her friends and family.   She hopes to introduce Halle Weenie to many children this Halloween and bring magic and good health to all.

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‚ÄčHalle Weenie is a story about a beautiful sweet toothed witch who dreams of having green icky teeth.  She will go as far as to take candy from a sweet little boy named Eliot.  But when Halle realizes the errors of her ways, she repays Eliot with a special gift for all the candy she ate and promotes healthy eating for all little ones. 

Start a new Halloween tradition with your family. Enjoy the magic of the Halle Weenie book and decorative bucket that will bring excitement  to your house every Halloween.

Halle Weenie Book-Meet the Author: Amiee Entwistle

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Halle Changes Her Ways is a continuation of the book Halle Weenie. Halle decides that having icky teeth isn't what she really wanted. So instead of eating all the candy herself, Halle shares the candy with special friends. This book shows children how much fun it is to share and helps them realize eating candy in moderation will save their teeth. Halle's special friends mentioned in this book are the troops overseas and various places of worship that often donate to those in need. Make Halle Weenie a new family tradition in your house. She will bring excitement to all every year!